Waterproofing Bellevue


We provide limited waterproofing services in Bellevue such as caulking around all exterior windows and ensuring that the flashing is secured.

It is not uncommon for us to find incorrect window installations that require waterproofing services as a result of:

  • Improper flashed installations
  • Window movement creating cracks
  • Windows without flashing
  • Failure to correctly integrate flashing into the water-resistant barrier

It goes without saying that an improper window installation may lead to exposure of the wall cavity with subsequent moisture problems requiring follow-on waterproofing. We are experienced in providing waterproofing services to help avoid the consequences of moisture finding its way between the house siding and the housewrap.

Call Renovation Solutions, Inc. to provide an effective waterproofing seal around windows and doors to avoid air and moisture infiltration.

Residential Waterproofing Bellevue


Residential waterproofing in Bellevue is an essential part of home ownership!

We can provide an effective line of defense with residential waterproofing around windows and doors to help avoid moisture penetration and leaks into a wall cavity.

These are a few consequences of water seepage into the cracks and seams of your home as a result of a poorly installed window or door that lacks proper flashing, and which our residential waterproofing methods can help avoid:

  • Mold
  • Insect infestations
  • Structural damage
  • Wood rot

With improper window installation in which the flashing has not been installed, or has been improperly installed, a gateway has been created for moisture entry and water seepage that needs immediate residential waterproofing to avoid serious problems in the future.

Call our office to schedule an assessment and free estimate for residential waterproofing. It may seem like a small issue, but it is an important detail that requires special attention to avoid major problems.

Home Waterproofing Bellevue


Everything you are doing to maintain your home may not be quite enough if you have moisture penetration or water seepage that requires home waterproofing in Bellevue.

Flashing installation is something that should not be overlooked, but from time to time we are called to assess water seepage occurring in openings around the window that needs immediate correction with home waterproofing.

These are a few common sources of moisture penetration requiring home waterproofing:

  • Cracks resulting from movement of window and/or frames or flashing
  • Faulty window or door installation
  • Poorly installed flashing
  • Building paper used as window flashing rather than flashing material
  • No flashing at all

We offer home waterproofing services to correct the causes of leakage. Call Renovation Solutions, Inc. today for a free home waterproofing estimate. (425) 351-8831