Drywall Repair Bellevue


We are a professional contracting company that provides high-end drywall repair services in Bellevue.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, or upgrading your existing home that requires drywall repair, call us!

A need for drywall repair is common among homeowners and should be done by professionals who have the skills, and high-quality equipment and tools to ensure the best possible results.

These are a few examples of drywall repair that our team of experts can handle efficiently and cost effectively:

  • Holes caused by a door knob, furniture moving, drywall anchors
  • Drywall dents
  • Popped drywall nails
  • Bubbled or split drywall joint tape
  • Extensive or large holes
  • Water damage and stains
  • Changeout of light fixtures leaving gaping spaces
  • Oversized outlet openings
  • Torn drywall
  • Dented corner bead
  • Improper drywall installation

Call Renovation Solutions, Inc. for expert drywall repair services!

Repair Drywall Bellevue


We highly recommend the use of a professional contractor to repair drywall in Bellevue.

We have an expert drywall repair team experienced in restoring damaged walls in homes to perfect condition. If your plumber of electrician has cut holes in your drywall to reroute wires or repair leaking waterlines, call us to repair drywall damage and repaint the affected areas to an impeccable color match.

When you call us to repair drywall, you can expect a skilled and experienced team to:

  • Blend a perfect patch into the wall
  • Secure it properly
  • Match the texture of the existing wall
  • Match the current wall color
  • Paint the repairs

As home renovation contractors, we have the skills to repair drywall, color consultants that can match any paint color, and expert interior painters.

Call us today to learn how our professional team can repair drywall and bring it to full restoration with outstanding results!

Drywall Repair Services Bellevue


We are a reputable contractor providing high-end renovations for homeowners, including drywall repair services in Bellevue.

We provide professional drywall repair services by experienced craftsmen that have earned a reputation in the surrounding area for their technical capabilities and superior results.

These are a few reasons to hire us for drywall repair services:

  • Exceptional skills and expertise of an experienced craftsman
  • Extensive knowledge of installations, renovations and repairs
  • Two-year warranty on craftsmanship
  • Knowledge and use of comprehensive preparation techniques
  • Competitive pricing and outstanding customer service

If you have damaged, punctured or cracked drywall, call us. We have the skills, technical knowledge, equipment and tools to repair all types of drywall damage.

Call Renovation Solutions, Inc. today for high-end drywall repair services. (425) 351-8831