Cabinet Finishing Bellevue


As professional cabinet finishing specialists serving Bellevue, we can provide a high-end designer effect to your cabinets that will transform your kitchen or bathroom.

We are recognized as a leader in cabinet finishing, providing the highest quality craftsmanship with options that may include:

  • A cabinet paint finish from a wide variety of color options
  • Staining cabinets – hand-rubbed for a distinctive individualized look
  • Varnished finishes added as a topcoat to stained or painted cabinets
  • Premium glaze finish-adds visual depth to stained or painted cabinetry
  • Eco-friendly, water-based ultraviolet finish

While there are several choices for cabinet finishing with pros and cons for each, we can work with you to help in a selection that will provide the best service and also meet your personal taste.

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Staining Cabinets Bellevue


Staining cabinets in Bellevue is an outstanding option that provides a beautifully classic and timeless effect. As professionals who specialize in staining cabinets, we have found that the beauty of real wood with an application of high-quality stain is still preferred by many upscale homeowners that want to bring out the warm and opulent glow to their living spaces.

Staining cabinets will bring out the true beauty, luster and unique characteristics of the natural wood grain. These are a few advantages of staining cabinets:

  • Allows the natural features and wood grain to show through
  • Most stained wood types are timeless
  • Great for resale value
  • More affordable
  • Variety of stain choices
  • Freedom to choose the preferred type of finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Not likely to crack

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Cabinet Paint Bellevue


If you prefer a more modern solid color appearance in your home, the cabinet paint possibilities are infinite.

We offer cabinet paint services by a professional and highly skilled team of specialists with years of experience using the most effective painting techniques, and expertise and knowledge on proper painting protocol.

These are a few advantages provided by the use of cabinet paint in Bellevue:

  • Can be applied to medium-density fiberboard (MDF) engineered wood
  • Endless variety of paint colors from which to choose
  • Provides a modern, updated and contemporary look
  • Nice smooth finish with no grain

As experts in cabinet finishing, we know the pros and cons of cabinet paint vs. stain. We can review those with you in greater detail, including durability, tendency for cracking or flaking, maintenance and costs. Call Renovation Solutions, Inc. today to request a free estimate. (425) 351-8831